About us

Astral Kreations is Pune, India based firm, providing quality based services like web development, web maintenance, Flash Presentation and software development. With advent of increasing business opportunity and broadening horizons of enterprises, we have understood the importance of decent and good looking website. Because in practical terms website is the first and only point of contact for a prospective customer or business partner.

At Astral Kreations we accept every challenge as an opportunity to be solved creatively to provide effective business solutions .We believe that, every service that we provide to our customer reflects his organization and helps him in promoting his business and ultimately satisfying his own customers. We build websites for sophisticated customers, who have come to realize that neither a pure text website, lacking in style and personality, nor an overdone, blinking and confusing website is performing the way a proper digital firm should perform.

Our specialty is that we develop websites and software's on time and on budget.

Our philosophy is to satisfy the customer and give him worth of every penny they spend on us. If you have any enquiry, we would be happy to hear from you.

Our Mission


We are here to fulfill the needs of firm or individuals with requirement of website, software and flash animations. Our philosophy is to work with integrity i.e. delivering exactly same as what we say. Another purpose of our existence is continuous improvement of quality and providing business solutions by promoting your business world wide.

We believe that Internet activity should be an integral part of any business marketing strategy. Our approach is not just about delivering an isolated web-based or print solution; we prefer to focus on the opportunities of combined Internet & traditional marketing strategies.

Our Vision


Our vision is to be a complete service provider in terms of web development, web maintenance, Flash presentation and software development, So as to cater the needs of whole gamut of business enterprises and that too at affordable prices. We want to facilitate our customers with right service, at right time, at right cost and at right place. With our benchmark as 100% customer satisfaction, we want to design and redesign every service that we provide with persistent improvement in its raw beauty.

We want to develop a long term marketing/Internet strategy & relationship with clients and working to achieve established goals. We know, if your expertise is combined with ours, the prospective results will be limitless.